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Our Lead Pastors

  • Andrew and Clare Gray are the Lead Pastors of C3 New Hope, which currently has a presence in seven locations which includes six churches in South-West Sydney (Mount Annan, Campbelltown, Blue Mountains, Oran Park, Wilton & Kiama) and one location in Townsville, Queensland. 

Andrew has served in Pastoral ministry for over 20 years, and has a great capacity to impart Bible truth to men and women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. He is strongly gifted in leadership, preaching, prophecy and vision. He is an experienced speaker, both nationally and internationally.

Andrew & Clare live in the Camden area with their children Olivia and Noah.


More on Our Vision

We aim to achieve our vision by

“Making disciples of Jesus through spiritual transformation”.

Sadly, too many Churches focus on worship service attendance only. Jesus clearly stated in Matthew 28, that our task is to make followers that increasingly look like Him. This involves taking the full gospel of Christ to people everywhere, baptising them with water and with the Spirit in the name of Jesus, and teaching them to be obedient followers of Jesus’ commands. In our Church, this is what we are commanded to focus on. His Kingdom, His way!

Spiritual transformation is all about the perpetual transfiguration of a person’s character. The inner life is where the transformation needs to take place. Our thoughts, attitudes and words must give validation to existing fruits of the Spirit in our life. Proof that the Spirit of Jesus actually dwells within us.

The only path to true spiritual transformation is the internalising of Scripture. We memorise, we meditate and we revelate. As we do, His thoughts become our thoughts, and His ways become our ways. We literally are transformed into an entirely new person because of His living word & Spirit at work within us.

A vital expression in our vision, is the stern rejection of powerless tradition, and lifeless religion. Rules invented by people have never possessed the power to bring lasting change. External appearances count for little when seeking the transformed life.

We believe in a Christian life marked by continual growth. ‘Every believer growing’ is an important maxim for us to follow. An essential element of our Pastoral Care is tailoring growth strategies for every individual so that people continue to move forward into the fullness of the life God created them for. From Christian foundations, to understanding Church culture. From Kingdom character, to discovering spiritual gifts. From being led in a Small Group, to leading a Small Group, all roads point to an advancing Kingdom and a Church that wholeheartedly believes in expansion as a normal way of living the Christian life.

From small children through to grandparents, and every stage in between, our desire is to save, disciple, train and empower people for a life of purpose, continually built on taking “Next Steps” of growth as we together seek to become more like Jesus.

Ps. Andrew Gray, Lead Pastor

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